How born a pipe

Phase 1: Briar wood is in the natural state exactly like in this photo. "Cioccaioli" (briar diggers) extract it from the earth and then "segantini" (sawyers) cut the stump according to the required mesurements. The briar is then boiled and put out to dry. Before it is processed, it is accurately seasoned in our drying rooms that you can see in the background of the photo. We choose the briar carefully before beginning the working of it.


Phase 2: The piece of briar wood is cut according to the wood's grain and then we choose the shape to form.


Phase 3: Alessandro is proportionately cutting the piece.


Phase 4: The beginning of the phase called "sbozzatura" (cogging) of the briar wood.


Phase 5: The piece is beginning to take shape. It is possible to drill the pipe.


Phase 6: The next phase is the sanding, with use of a thin abrasive cloth to give the last and definitive touch to the model.


Phase 7: Realization of the "flock" which makes possibile the fitting of the mouthpiece into the pipe.


Phase 8: Drilling for the insertion of the mouthpiece.


Phase 9: Pipe painting.


Phase 10: First polishing.


Phase 11: Second polishing.


Phase 12: Buffing and hot-marking represent the last phases of the production to have a finished pipe.


Phase 13: Pipa finished and ready for use.